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 I dont like my mother because she had brun so many men into my life that wasnt wanted. She knows it effects us. i know that she does. It effects everyone around her. Friends, Family,&& kids. She brings men in just to push them out it seems. I know itsn not like that but uits how it comes off to me. 
she acts like everything is fine. Its not fine. Just because she is feelings perfect with her new husband Hank shouldnt mean we will all be happy and not give a fuck! Shit, whats this stepdad number 3 for me? i get close them they just break away. I dont get close to people anymore because i am terrified not knowing when they might just decide they dont love each other anymore. So mant people coming in and then out of my life, in and out of my future, hurts! She clearly doesnt feel as if she can be happy with us..her kids...not needing a man. 
 She always thinks she knows what is better for me. she doesnt1 She barely even knows me as a daughter! So i dont understand why she thinks as if she can rule my life! i have not idea where the fuck that pile of shit came from but i honestly dont give a fuck! She needs to find whats better for herself before she tries to find whats better for someone she barley even know! 
She always changes to try and make her husband for this week happy. She needs to be herself not some fake wife! I hate her husband! i want to shot him in his knee! Him and her are driving my "bitch" self crazy. If she gets with a guy and hes a dick shes a bitch if she  gets with a loser she becomes a loser if she gets with a control fuck shes strict as fuck! Whenever she isnt with a man shes her self! I miss that! 

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