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Today, I slept until 7:30a.m. I almost missed my breakfast. thank god i got up. Last night they gave me my sleeping meds. and all morning i t had mwe dizzy and my head was hurting really bad. I haven't got my ProZak or Addreal this morning though. After i ate breakfast i went back to sleep, slept til 9:37a.m. My mom came to visit me and we didnt have a real good time. we argued and she those alligator tears on me! I left the room. I was sitting in the hallway and the new guy Chris walked up to me and sat infront of me and was like, "You're pretty"
"Hey, you wanna kiss''
''We can't''
''We'll get in trouble, silly you''
''I want you" he said.
i responded as ''ummmm, that's sweet of you. Thanks''
He stares at me and stuff its kinda weird but its nothing i cant handle. whenever my mom was leaving we sat and talked for a few minutes until group started. Groups are fun! I enjol group sessions. O went to get a chair before and Ilisah was trying to swing and hit his mom. YOu better believe i back up! I drank my juice after group and finished coloring my picture. It looks really amazing. Its going on my wall whenever i get home! I really miss Kevin. I hope my mom doesnt get him in trouble. I know what i did was wrong and all by not telling him the truth about my age. Its my fault i lied. He doesnt know he was in the wrong. He was the one person that didn't pay me! I wonder if he still thinks im 17 or if he know my real age? I hope Jay goes to jail. Oonly because i find he really needs help to get off drugs. I dont want him to die. He really is a good guy, but Kevin. He has a little boy. I know he loves him a lot. I dont want that poor little boy to go through all the pain and heartache i had to go through with my dad being a pedifile. Jay is 23 and know im 14, he's the one in the wrong to his knowing. I hope my mom is okay with everything. I know she isnt but still i hope she is doing good. I hate myself for doing those things. my mom doesnt know about my other phone obviously. thats the phonr i use to get all my hook ups on. I dont want people to know my actual personal phone number. Jay and Kevin are the only two guys that have my real number. I took kevin out and put him into my hook up phone because i had a feeling i was going to get my phone taken. I just put Kevin Greenley in there. I meet him Monday. My mom doesnt know or even have a clue about my other phone. I dont keep it at home. i know they raded my whole room me being gone and stuff. i miss talking to Danny. Thats my Tennessee buddy like Drake. Those two boys mean the world and the moom to me! They would never hurt me as it seem. Most guys do that now a day. GIrls are the same in some ways thought dont get me wrong my generation is full of bitches and pricks!! I love chilling with my room-mate now! Shes such a blond. She mad cool and shit. Shes always making me laugh. Life is important to me. i wanna go home and see jossen. i bet jossen misses me a bunch. I miss him a whole lot. I relaly wanna talk to him. He's in some of my classes at school. I picture me being happy in the future. with him or without. See i wont be like my mom. i dont have to rely on a guy to make me happy!

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